Prayer Concerns


Prayer Line calls may be placed to Miriam Hale (248-3615)

Prayer Line Recently:  Rick Boonie, Betty Yocum and Betty Logue.


Prayer Concerns:  Our United Methodist Church and the Commission on Finding a Way Forward, Stephanie Wilkinson, Jennifer Elder, Delores Coudreit, Jerry Elder, Jeanne Beatty, Nancy Streets, Bobby Reeder,  Nancy Ammerman, Donna McCartle, Jim Oswald, Judy Kline, Tracy Miller, Danielle Yeater, Amy Brehm, Helen Laskaris, Dennis Armstrong, Vicki Terry, Drew Chesney, Pharris Trutt, Elba Jaen, Thelma Johnston (Elmcroft), Margaret Patterson (Valley View), Mariann Sutton,  Brittany Wilson, Jan Briggs, Finley Snook, Jean VanHorne,  Violet Peachey, Pauline Kline, Dave Knox, Lois Ziegler, Shirley Weaver, Virginia Smith, Maxine Erb, Tim Drake, Amy Harpster, Mary Searer, Destiny Devlin, Jim Carper, Nancy Adair, Charlie Vogt, Ruth Clouser, Jody Taylor, Dave Williams, Dave Knox, Sharon Reichner, Jim Carper, Karen Hoffman, Jane Yeater (Elmcroft),  Dean Steele, Jeff Sulouff, Shanna Miller, Steve Schwarz (Valley View), Brandi Wilson, Micala, Lona Stuter, Adam Bujanowski, Grace Rager, Bobby Glick and Lois Ziegler (Health South).


  • Also Pray For:

  • That God will accomplish among us abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine as we seek to build up our church in love and unity.

  • Pastor Carola and the ministries of our Church.

  • Our children and youth and all who work with them and for all children especially those in need or trouble, particularly in our own communities.

  • Chris Lutz and Jonathan Morningstar as they serve churches.

  • Our Country, leaders, military, and each family who is affected by the current events in our world.  


We have been asked by our conference to pray for other UM congregations each week as an opportunity to celebrate the unique connection we share as United Methodists of the Susquehanna Conference.  This week the churches assigned are:  Rome; Central, Honesdale; Emory, New Oxford; Thornhurst; Askam, Hanover Township; Neidig Memorial, Oberlin; Faith, Hallam; Ramey; Pleasant Mount and First, Three Springs.


We also pray for those in the military related to our Congregation:  TSgt Nathan Reesman, 1st Sgt David F. Haubrick, Mark Atkinson, Philip Atkinson, Brian Hoy, Ryan Grove, Rylee Grove, Matthew Fisher, Nick Myers, Zach Settle, Jacob Larson, Justin Lauver and Pvt Julian Lauver.