Mission Projects

Missions for the Year 2017:

The 2nd quarter (Apr, May, Jun) Mission Project is Shelter Services. This local organization is always in need of community help. The congregation at Rhodes has been very supportive of this project, so, we are again asking for your support. Last year's donations totaled $ 743.00. Let's see if we can exceed that amount this year. To support this mission please put your gift in an envelope marked appropriately and put it in the offering plate and we’ll see that it gets where it needs to go. Thank you! So far we have collected: $190.00.

The 1st quarter (Jan, Feb, Mar) Mission Project is to supply half an ark (goal $2,500) through Heifer International. To support this project please put your gift in an envelope marked appropriately and put it in the offering plate or use one of the available arks. There will be other fundraisers for this project as well. Let’s see if we can exceed last year’s donation of $2573.41. 
So far we’ve collected: $2154.65

Thank you for your fourth quarter gifts to the Lumina Center.  Your offerings totaled $670.00 which was rounded up to $700.00. 

HABITAT FOR HUMINATIY is seeking applicants for the 2017 Habitat House. If you or someone you know would like to apply please contact Mike Fisher at 250-5061.

Mission Updates:
1. Our 4th quarter mission project ended on December 31. We raised $670.00. The amount will be rounded up to the nearest $100, and an additional $800 also given.
2. The response to the Christmas Shoe Box Project by the Primary Department was outstanding. The missions committee donated $301.00 for shipping those boxes.
3. We had a great turn out for our Veteran's Day/Thanksgiving Day meal. We served 108, had 10 take outs and 19 helpers giving us a total of 138. Amy Graham generously donated her time to take pictures of all veterans present and gave each veteran a copy of the picture. The veterans so appreciated this gesture. All left over food was taken to the Shelter. Thanks to everyone who helped with this meal in anyway.
4. Our other December donations went to the following:
$250.00 to the UMC Children's Home
$800.00 to Shelter Services

Our church and another area church went together and purchased new sweatshirts for the adult residents of the Shelter. A card was included in each gift showing God's love and our love for each of them. We also assisted a church family member in need.
A "special thanks" to everyone at Rhodes for all your support and donations of these mission projects. They would not be possible without your generosity! You have helped share God's love to so many.

Mission Committee Chairperson:  Linda Fisher