• Pastor:   Carola Beasley-Topliffe

  • Administrative Board Chairperson:   Debbie Aromatorio

  • Lay Leader:   Jim Fosselman

  • Lay Member of Annual Conference:   Chip Kerstetter

  • Alternate Lay Member of Annual Conference:   Jay Reed

  • Chairperson of Committee on Finance:   Paul Kline

  • Current Expense Treasurer: Elizabeth James

  • Assistant Current Expense Treasurer:   Carl McCombie

  • Treasurer Memorial Fund:   Sandra DeArment

  • Financial Secretary:   Debra Smoker

  • Representative from Pastor-Parish Relations Committee:  Don DeArment                                                                   

  • Work Area Chairpersons:

    • Education Committee: Louise Lauver        

    • Camping Representative:   Doug Marks

    • Evangelism/Missions Committee:   Linda Fisher

  •      Benevolent Needs Committee:   Shirley Brown

  • Age Level Coordinators:

    • Family Ministries:   Patty Dorsey, Rosalie Mitton

    • Children’s Ministries Team:   Jill Yeater              

    • Youth Ministries Team:   Jay & Renee Reed

    • Young Adult Ministries Representative:   Renee Reed

  • Membership Secretary: Elyse Baisey                               

  • Chairperson Council on Ministries:   Chip Kerstetter

  • Coordinator of Communications:   Elyse Baisey

  • Chairperson of Trustees: Mike McCurdy

  • Administrative Board Members at Large:  Don DeArment, Jack Hale, Dean Steele, Tom Davis, Jeff Sulouff, Steve Yeater, Harold Morgan, Sharon Osborne, Gene Brown, Paula Davis

  • Council of Ministries Members at Large:  Jeff Sulouff, Terri Sutton

  • Finance Committee Members at Large: Jack Hale, Sue Wilkinson    


  • Board of Trustees:  (Mike McCurdy, chair) Harold Morgan, Steve Yeater, Ruth Clouser, Terry Connor, Sharon Long, Jim Fosselman, Sharon Osborne, Carl McCombie
  • Nominating Committee:  (Pastor Carola, chair) Patricia Haney, Don DeArment, Rosalie Mitton, Denna Armstrong, Sharon Osborne, Diane Snyder, Sharon Roberts, Bill Clouser, Sharon Long
  • Worship Committee (Mariann Sutton, chair):  Alice Shepherd, Tammy Marks, Dottie Isenberg, Marcie Barber, Dave Williams, Bob Wilkinson
  • Evangelism/Missions Committee (Linda Fisher, chair): Tom & Paula Davis, Shirley Brown, Joanne Carper, Rosalie Mitton, Sharon Osborne
  • Benevolent Needs Committee (Shirley Brown, rep to Ad. Board):  Debbie Aromatorio, Sharon Osborne (Food Bank coordinator)
  • Children’s Ministries Team (Jill Yeater, coordinator):  Nancy Ammerman, Steve Yeater, Elizabeth James, Jackie Pennebaker, Crystal Carter
  • Youth Ministries Team (Jay & Renee Reed, coordinators): Chris Sulouff, Chip Kerstetter, Rodney and Shaina Diehl
  • Publicity Coordinator: Paula Davis
  • Media Committee:  (Doug Marks, chair):  Dave Williams, Tammy Marks, Carl McCombie, Elyse Baisey, Carl McCombie, Chris Sulouff, Jim Fosselman, Patty Dorsey
  • Rhodes members of Pastor-Parish Relations Committee:  Patricia Drake , Sue Wilkinson, Paul Kline, Chip Kerstetter, , Don DeArment, Jim Fosselman
  • Rhodes members of Parish Trustees:  Bill Clouser (chair), Dave Williams