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Guidelines and Policies


  • No longer is there a fee for use of the Fellowship Hall and Kitchen by church groups having fund-raisers. Prior to April, 1998, 10% of the profit was to go to current expense.
  • Guest Speakers are to be paid $50.00 plus $.50 per mile for their services to the church. (Passed May 4, 1996.)
  • Summer music is the responsibility of the Music Committee consisting of the Choir Director, Organist, Worship Chairman and Lay Leader (May 5, 1997). There is a $40.00 offering for summer musicians and a $50.00 offering to groups of 4 or more (May 2, 2002)
  • Financial statements are to be sent annually (passed Feb. 1, 1999).
  • Church Trustees are responsible for receiving 2 bids for projects expected to cost more than $1,500.00 and 1 bid for projects up to $1,500.00. (March, 1999)
  • $25.00 is to be sent to designated memorials in memory of church members deceased (passed Jan. 3, 1995). When no designated memorial is given by family of deceased member, then the church will give $25.00 to our Memorial Fund in their memory (Feb. 6, 1995).
  • Flower Policy as follows:
    • Put payment for altar flowers in an envelope marked with name and date and place in offering plate.
    • Payment for Lilies or Poinsettias are to be placed in an envelope with name and number you are ordering and given to Flower chairman when ordering.
  • Camping Fee for Children to be paid by the Church. One time only in a year for a conference supported camp. (Passed October 4, 1999).
  • Food and drink permitted in all areas of the Church except the sanctuary area. (Passed October 4, 1999).
  • Graduates are to receive a $25.00 check for graduation.
  • A yearly donation of $30.00 for Poe Valley Ministry. (Passed May 6, 2002)
  • There will be no food preparation outside of the kitchen. (Passed June, 2002)
  • Eagle Scouts will be given $300.00. (Passed Sept. 9, 2001)
  • Lay Speakers will receive honorariums for speaking here at Rhodes Church. (Passed Jan. 6, 2006)